FoundSpace is a collaborative project between the Jackson Hole Land Trust and Jackson Hole Public Art. By inviting artists to create temporary artworks in protected public spaces they are encouraging the public to explore and see the land in a new way. In 2017, 2018, and 2019 Jenny collaborated with Matt Daly to create curious elements to encourage exploration and participation.

FoundSpace 2019…. currently in R Park in Wilson, WY. Observator R. Park has been spending the summer studying the imaginary creatures that inhabit the beloved Rendezvous Park. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram at @rparkobservator and Imagine a world to discover.


FoundSpace 2018

Emily Stevens Pond, Wilson, WY

I collaborated with Matt Daly to create 12 thaumatropes that highlighted the often overlooked minifauna that inhabit our spaces. Matt wrote 2 line poems about each critter and I illustrated them. We installed the thaumatropes along the pathways through this park. (Turn the thaumatrope and the 2 illustrations become 1)

Read more about our process and see how the other artists interpreted the space in my Journal entries: Part 1, Part 2, and Update

FoundSpace 2017

Pathway from Stillson to the Wilson Schoolhouse - through Hardeman Meadows, Wilson, WY

I collaborated with Matt Daly on a project that would give voice to lost objects with the hope that perhaps some things would be found. Matt wrote 12 stanzas of a Ghazal - a poem that can be read in any order. Each stanza is a love note to something that has been lost. I carved these stanzas onto clay slabs and attached them to mailboxes. We stationed the mailboxes along the pathway and included tags inside each mailbox that could be fastened to something that had been found. In this way - throughout the summer - each mailbox collected items and stories about how they had been found.

Read more about our process and see how the other artists interacted with the space in my Journal: Part 1 & Part 2